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Monday, August 3, 2009


So the Feds are snooping around in Mayor Daley's business again. This time, it's Chicago Public Schools. From the Chicago Tribune:

Federal authorities have launched an investigation into the admissions practices at Chicago's selective enrollment schools, the Chicago Tribune has learned.

Federal officials recently served a grand jury subpoena on Chicago Public Schools seeking information about the admissions process, sources said. Chicago Board of Education President Michael Scott confirmed Saturday that the district recently received a federal subpoena, but declined to elaborate because of the investigation.

And here's Mayor Daley with his usual response:

Daley chafed today when asked if he thought clout had not played a role in admissions, saying the question was akin to asking, "Do you think anyone has sinned today?"

"I mean, I'm the mayor -- I wouldn't know whether or not," he said.

The mayor frequently likes to recall his decision to take control of the public school system in 1995 as an example of his decisive leadership.
Mayor Daley's playing his favorite game. Anything good coming out of City Hall is all because of his efforts. But when scandal after scandal pops up, it's the same line, time and time again: "I'm just the mayor, I wouldn't know about that."

Yes Dick, of course. What would you know about the management of the city? You're only the mayor.

Here's something else I bet Mayor Daley knows nothing about - more city contracts for Daley friends and campaign contributors. Laid-Off City Drivers Protest Chicago's Shift to Private Firms:

About 60 recently laid-off Chicago truck drivers picketed Friday at a city facility on the South Side, protesting that politically connected private companies are now doing work public employees performed for Mayor Richard Daley's administration.

The protesters were among 141 drivers fired last month in a cost-cutting move after their union refused to accept unpaid furlough days and a reduction in overtime pay.

Under a deal that went into effect July 1, the city hired private contractors to haul construction debris from city work sites for the Water Management Department. Among the companies chosen was Reliable Asphalt Corp., which received a $158 million, three-year contract.

Reliable owner Michael Vondra has donated tens of thousands of dollars to local politicians, including Daley, the Democratic organization in the mayor's 11th Ward power base and the pro-Daley Hispanic Democratic Organization. City records show Reliable's lobbyists on the deal are Victor Reyes, a former Hispanic Democratic Organization chairman and top mayoral aide, and David Bonoma, son of Daley's longtime secretary.

"This is the second phase of Hired Truck," said laid-off driver Alex Kantrowitz, referring to the City Hall program that was disbanded amid federal bribery charges.

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