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Monday, August 10, 2009


The Parking Ticket Geek has a great post on his superb blog The Expired Meter. If you love all of King Daley's Cameras as much as I do, give it a read - Oops! Chicago Forgets It's National Stop on Red Week:

You would have thought, a leader like Mayor Daley, who is so concerned about red light safety, would have earmarked some of the millions and millions of dollars in red light camera fines, to promote red light safety education programs like National Stop On Red Week here in Chicago.

This had to be a grievous mistake. It would be a major embarrassment. Right?

I figured, I just might not be paying attention. Perhaps I had just missed it.

So I started calling around to see what some city department were planning to promote National Stop On Red Week.

I checked with the Chicago Department of Transportation. Nope! Nada! Nothing!

I checked with the Chicago Police Department. Zip! Zero! Zilch!

Not even Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications, which runs one of the largest red light camera programs in the nation, had anything planned.


I just know this was some sort of teensy-weensy oversight of the Daley Administration. Maybe they just forgot.

Because everyone knows, red light cameras are NOT about revenue. No! Of course not!

Red light cameras are ONLY about improving safety at intersections and decreasing vehicle collisions.

Anyone who thinks different, is itching for a fight.

I’m 100% absolutely, positively, convinced, that the City of Chicago, which is so committed to the safety of its motorists, will actively participate in next year’s National Stop On Red Week.

Right Mayor?

Read the full post here. Read more of Parking Ticket Geek's posts on Red Light Cameras in Chicago here. Be sure to check out Red Light Cameras 101: Know Your Enemy.

photo via The Expired Meter

You can see a map of Chicago red light camera locations here.

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