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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Watch your kneecaps. Daley is coming for his money. Collection Agencies May Soon Call on Chicago's Debtors:
The same bill collectors who pester debtors on behalf of credit-card companies are being recruited by Chicago City Hall to go after anybody who owes money to the cash-strapped city.

Just months after pushing through highly unpopular parking meter rate hikes as part of a lease -- and in the midst of a recession -- Mayor Richard Daley's administration is looking for private collection agencies to track down people with unpaid parking tickets, delinquent water bills and other debts.

Last year alone, past-due fines and taxes amounted to tens of millions of dollars, including almost $95 million in unpaid water bills alone. The debts are piling up as Daley faces a budget shortfall his aides peg at about $300 million.
Daley's like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, except I'm pretty sure he won't be transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

photo by Johnye West

He sold the Skyway. But he's still hungry.
He put TIFs all over the city. But he's still hungry.
He tickets and tows our cars. But he's still hungry.
He charges us fees. But he's still hungry.
He taxes our cigarettes and booze. But he's still hungry.
He taxes our entertainment. But he's still hungry.
He sold city parking garages. But he's still hungry.
He raised our property taxes. But he's still hungry.
He taxes bottled water. But he's still hungry.
He sold the parking meters. But he's still hungry...


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  1. I seem to remember that the city had contracted a collection agency numerous years ago.

    I believe they went away because their heavy handed tactics violated federal laws!