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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Have you attended any of the public meetings the Chicago 2016 people are holding? Well Ben Joravsky has and he was not very impressed. Not surprising. It's also not surprising that Daley & Co. are claiming the Olympics are all about the kids:
They lost me when they claimed that providing recreational opportunities for underprivileged children in low-income neighborhoods was their primary motivation for staging the games.
But let's not fool ourselves. Hosting the games is about a lot of things -- doling out contracts, making money, taking care of friends, building stuff, luring tourists to town, basking in the international limelight, feeding one man's ego...But it's most definitely not about helping underprivileged kids...
Joravsky is right, as usual. The Olympics are most definitely not about the children. The Olympics are all about Daley and his friends. And Daley's recurring exploitation of the city's underprivileged youths is starting to make me sick.

I also have my doubts about just how much the Olympics will help Chicago's economy. See, for instance, this video by No Games Chicago: 2016 Olympic Myth #1 - The Economy.

If anyone has been to any of the public meetings, I'd be interested in hearing what you thought of them.

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  1. Daley and his croonies will have front row seats to the games... the rest of us.... well, aside from footing the bill with higher taxes and fees, all we can expect is to sell peanuts or push a broom for minimum wage at the games.

    Let the Games begin and let Daley reap more money!