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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Second City Cop had a great post regarding the escaped inmate recently captured by Mayor Daley's security detail near the mayor's Michigan home. Here's the rumor, according to SSC:
The truth of the matter is Daley blew a gasket as usual. He was shouting and screaming at his summer home about one the CPD officers assigned to his detailed got involved on this arrest. Daley was heard shouting about how the news and the public will now start writing about why CPD officers were "guarding" Daley while away at his summer home in Michigan.
I definitely got in a good laugh imagining Dick Daley getting all hot and bothered about this. Of course this story is only a rumor, but like SSC says it's "So Easy to Believe."

This whole story has me wondering just how much Chicago taxpayers pay to protect our Dear King Daley, with the cop constantly stationed outside his South Loop townhouse and the security detail that travels all over the world with the mayor. I also want to know how much Chicago taxpayers are paying for the police protection afforded to many aldermen.

With all the violence around our city, it's no surprise that our lovely politicians want this security detail. It's too bad the rest of us aren't afforded the same protections. Instead, we regular folks get to rely on an undermanned, underfunded, and clout-plagued police department. And while I have no desire to own a gun, I always found it very interesting that our elected officials are exempt from the city's handgun and and concealed carry laws. Just what are they afraid of anyway? Peasant Uprising?

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  1. One day, God willing, the people of Chicago will say enough already and take their city back... but until that day....We have the very government we asked for... an inept, corrupt one!

    The priviledged supported by the working taxpayers at the bottom.