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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This person gets it. He has all sorts of videos about Daley posted on his youtube page.

Here are my favorites:

Mayor Daley is Chicago's 3 Cobra Snake

Mayor Daley and Illinois Corruption

Let's talk about Mayor Daley. It's only a matter of time, I believe,...before what's due to him, comes to him. And that's nothing personal. What it is, is just knowing that here we have someone who is in power, who has strategically and blatantly ignored the safety of the community...

It goes back to the Aldermen, though. They are the ones who are giving him the green light to anything that he wants to do...

It is just so many issues, you guys. A lady I was talking to, she said "I think Mayor Daley is doing a good job." And I told her, I'm not going to debate it with you. If you don't see, you probably won't see, even after I get through explaining it to you.

Daley Machine Need Like This


Don't worry. There are more. Check out some of the other videos this person has posted:
Chicago City Officials Need Shower

Mayor Daley and youtube

Mayor Daley and Charity Aeroplane

Time is Change, Chicago Need Change

Daley Sale Parking Meter, Now Planning to Sale Sidewalk

Daley Machine

Daley Machinery Moved Resident's Car and Parked Own Cars to Go See Cubs Games

Daley's Machine: Corrupt or Not?

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