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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Are Mayor Daley and Pat Ryan lying to you about the Olympics?
Fox News Chicago asked [deceit specialist] Perry Myers of MSI Detective Services to review footage of 2016 Committee chair Pat Ryan and Mayor Daley claiming that taxpayers would not have to pay for the 2016 Olympics. After analyzing tells of deception, evasion and untruthfullness, Perry concludes "I would be highly skeptical and would look into this much further."

Daley's gestures are equally revealing. Watch him in this press conference in 2007.

DALEY: "The Olympics must not be a burden to taxpayers of Chicago, Illinois."

Did you notice any unusual movement? "He touched the side of his face one time. It's an unusual gesture. When you bring your hand up to your face, normal would be two, three, four times scratching...He may have been holding something inside or not telling the truth or not telling all the truth.

Perry is also intrigued by Daley's actions when our crew caught him at the airport after promising in Switzerland he would sign the IOC contract.

DALEY: "All the cities that were represented and the Japanese, Spain, and Brazil, they spent all their taxpayers' money. We don't spend any taxpayer money."

"He's blinking a lot. Again there are a few words that were jumbled up. We're not getting 100% disclosure...I would be highly skeptical and look into this further and want to examine things."

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