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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, apparently Chicago is screwed if we don't get the Olympics. I wonder how all the other cities in America are planning to manage without them. Chicago is SO lucky. We don't have to worry about the future. Our Great Mayor should be showered with praise for arranging this Olympic thing for all of us peasants. But be careful people. If we keep up with the questions about the real costs of the Chicago Olympics, the IOC might not bless us with this wonderful gift. King Richard said so: Stop Throwing Darts or Risk Losing Olympics

"In the next eight years of any city in America, tell me where the economic development is gonna come from. Is it gonna come from the military? The military builds in the south and southwest. It does not build in the Midwest and East," Daley said.

"You tell me one economic program that anyone has offered — both in the private sector or public sector. Every other city would love to have this—when the federal government will spend billions of dollars on infrastructure and on security. Besides that, the national and global publicity we receive from the build-up all the way to 2016. This is the only economic engine. We're talking about jobs. We're talking about contracts…coming into Chicago."

But, the mayor warned, "If people keep throwing darts at it, maybe they will not get it."

Pressed on whom he believes is "throwing darts," Daley said, "Did you read any headlines?" He added, "You beat us up."

He then caught himself and said, "I'm not gonna blame the media because then, you'll say, ‘The mayor is fighting with the media. The mayor is always so arrogant. Then, he's fighting with the aldermen.' No. People can ask questions. But, there was a misconception by the media that I signed" an agreement making Chicago taxpayers the final back-stop against Olympic losses.

Poor Mayor Daley - always the victim. The media is out to get him. He's not a bad guy. In fact, he's a reformer. It's just the media that is causing all the problems. He wishes they would just go away. Let the mayor do his job. Trust him. He hasn't done anything wrong.

Playing the victim pays off, just ask Sarah Palin: Palin Plays Victim and Reaps Rewards
Because you can gain a lot more mileage these days as a victim, even if you have to inflate your victimization..."Sometimes taking offense can be the best offense." A bounty of blessings flow to those who wear the victim crown.
Cue the violins for this victim, our dear dear mayor.

LEAVE HIM ALONE! You're lucky he will even be your mayor, YOU BASTARDS! LEAVE DALEY ALONE! Please!...LEAVE DALEY ALONE! Please! Leave Mayor Daley alone right now! I MEAN IT!

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