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Thursday, July 23, 2009


So Mayor Daley used to be opposed to Wal-Mart opening in the city, but now he loves the idea. What changed his mind? I'm thinking the $700,000 Wal-Mart gave the city for a jobs program didn't hurt. Daley: Get Over Wal-Mart Gripes, Allow Jobs in Chicago.

Last year, Daley rejected a developer’s request to build a 150,000 sq.ft. super-center on the site of the old Ryerson Steel plant at 83rd and Stewart — even though the City Council had already granted zoning approval for a big-box store at the Chatham site.

The mayor was so concerned about maintaining the delicate labor peace he brokered to bolster Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid, he was apparently willing to single out Wal-Mart for special treatment.


If he feels so strongly about the need for jobs and shopping choices, Daley was asked why he refused to give Wal-Mart administrative approval to build a second store in Chatham.

“If I start doing that, you would write a headline, ‘Mayor is arrogant. He’s usurping his power. Mayor starts changing the law for his own benefit because, one day he likes Wal-Mart. The next day he’s liking something else.’... I’m not gonna fall into that trap,” Daley said.

Haha. I still wrote a headline that says that. So there.

I'm glad to see Mayor Daley is playing the victim card again. He can't do what he wants to do because then the media would call him arrogant. Boohoohoo. You are arrogant, Dick. Deal with it. We have to.

Speaking of Daley changing his mind, he's also pulled a 180 on pot decriminalization: Daley Rips County Board for Marijuana Stance

Five years after embracing the idea of issuing tickets for minor pot violations, Mayor Daley today ridiculed the Cook County Board for decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana.

“People say you cannot smoke. ... They said, ‘Please don’t smoke.’ Now, everybody’s saying, ‘Let’s all smoke marijuana.’ After a while, you wonder where America is going,” the mayor said.

“Pretty soon, the headline [will be], ‘Let’s bring cigarettes back. It makes people feel calmer, quieter, relaxing.’… We said you cannot smoke cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is bad for you. Now all the sudden, marijuana smoking is good for you. Can we take Lucky Strikes, mix ‘em together and say, ‘Smoking is coming back in the United States?’”

He sure likes to predict the headlines. Me thinks someone is a little obsessed with the media. Maybe he should sit down, have a cigarette, and feel calmer, quieter and relaxed. Didn't he read the news? Smoking is back!


  1. what bullshit. nobody has banned cigarettes. sure society wants to lower the prevelance of cigarette smoking. we all understand that is is bad and that it kills you. but we also understand its also perfectly legal and a personal choice. we put people in jail for a possessing a less dangerous substance. nobody is asking for cigarettes to make a comback. just a little common sense

  2. I highly disagree with the above person. When you allow government to dictate to you where and when to smoke, you are opening a Pandorra's box of trouble. What ever happened to personal choice? If someone didn't want to smoke, do not patronize that establishment, it's that simple!

    Smoking is bad for you but so is being obese, next will we regulate the consumption of McDonald's?

    Cigarettes have gotten close to $10. per pack. Kids that can not afford cigarettes are rolling their own filterless cigarettes just like in Amesterdam. Smokers are forced to smoke outside in weather that sometimes is not the best for your health. What is happening to personal freedom and choice here?