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Thursday, July 16, 2009


OhMyGawd the Chicago City Council might be getting the hang of this legislative branch, checks and balances thing. Crain's reports that aldermen are moving forward with an actual independent audit of the projected Olympic costs and revenues:
L.E.K. Consulting, whose media and entertainment practice includes sports projects, was hired by the Civic Federation, a local tax policy watchdog group in Chicago. The firm "will help us conduct an independent review of expenditures and revenues" for the proposed Chicago games, according to federation President Laurence Msall.

Mr. Msall said he believes the firm has been involved in helping other cities prepare Olympics bids, but stressed that it has played no role in Chicago's effort to win the games.

I will be very interested to see the results of this audit and what the aldermen will do if they are not favorable for Chicago taxpayers.

In the meantime, clap hands for the City Council. Good City Council.

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  1. We have 25 too many alderman.... I'd like a ballot referendum to limit the amount of Chicago Aldermen, staff and budget 25 total.

    That would represent a real voice for the taxpayers of Chicago and we would finally win our city back.