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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This guy again! He heard about the drama at Mayor Daley's summer home and now he's got something to say. Listen to his take on the mayor's extra special police protection:

If you wanna talk about tough guys...the mayor's son Patrick, when he was a kid, probably in his late teens, he had a beer party at his dad's house in Michigan. And it got out of control. And fights ensued. And he hit somebody over the head with a baseball bat. Mayor Daley's son. So Mayor Daley, instead of costing the taxpayers a fortune to have people guard you 24/7, while you're sitting on your butt having a good old time in Michigan, just bring Patrick over. Give him his baseball bat back and pay him to watch you. Any intruders, he can hit them over the head with a baseball bat. He's good at that...You go to Michigan, you're on your own. Alright. You get Patrick, give him his baseball bat. Let him watch you.
I really love this guy.

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