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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It is so refreshing to see that the Chicago 2016 community meetings are not going according to Mayor Daley's plan. Bid for Olympics on the Hot Seat:
But unlike a string of recent meetings, after the bid team put its best foot forward, it was immediately hit with counter-presentations from critics who fear that the Summer Games could gravely damage the city.

While bid officials hoped to allay fears particular to Lakeview residents, such as the impact of venue construction to a lakefront bird sanctuary and further congestion to a crowded neighborhood, they had to defend the bid from attacks on multiple fronts.

"We're broke. We have no money. We're incompetent and corrupt, and we'll bungle it."
And, as people learn more about the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid, their skepticism grows - Learn About Impact of Games:

-The impact that hosting the Games will have on the public's use of the parks as construction takes place over the next nine years. Parks from Waveland to the harbors to Grant Park to Meigs Field/Northerly Island to Washington Park to Douglas Park will be construction zones. Where are the citizens/residents of Chicago supposed to go for recreation during the construction phase and during the 2016 Games?

-The "security" plan for the Games in the bid book, which is pretty vague, but would allow for the creation of a police state.

-Last April, I paid $300 to have two color copies of the bid printed. While it is online, the large files made it functionally impossible to read online. Lots of color pictures and teeny-tiny print. When I checked in April, the only public library that had a printed copy was the Harold Washington main branch. Chicago 2016, Pat Ryan, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Mayor Daley and the well-heeled supporters of the 2016 bid should fund the printing to make copies available at all branch libraries. That way the public can ask informed questions about the Games at the Chicago 2016 community meetings.

Daley of course, was ready to respond today. Daley Answers Critics of Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid:
Mayor Daley today accused unidentified media naysayers of trying to sandbag Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid by reporting testimony from people at neighborhood hearings who don’t want the Olympics.

“You’re against it. You were against Millennium Park. You were against 911. You were against Soldiers Field. You were against Meigs Field. What else were you against? You’re against a lot. But, that’s freedom of speech,” Daley said.

“Some people don’t want this. … That’s part of American democracy. They can stand up and say anything they want. … But, in the next five years, six years, tell me one [other] thing that can bring jobs and economic opportunities and, besides that, guarantee an investment by the federal government [of] billions of dollars in infrastructure. If you have something better, I’d love to see it.”


Today, the mayor warned media dart throwers to back off or risk killing an event that could be the salvation of their struggling industry.

“Why is Tokyo for it? Why is Rio de Janeiro for it? Why is Madrid? They’re all in recession. Why are they seeking it? Every other city prior to the announcement by the U.S. Olympic Committee that we were winners — everybody else wanted it,” Daley said.

“They realize it’s economic opportunity. Besides that, it will help your industry tremendously. Once you’re selected, immediately it becomes a destination for people. It’ll help tremendously in your [media] industry as well.”

Ah, the Olympics. The answer to all of Chicago's problems. The Olympics will create jobs (temporary ones). They'll bring tourists (for a few weeks). They'll come with federal infrastructure money (who said?). They'll save the Chicago media (huh?).

They'll balance our budget. And improve our public schools. And fill our potholes. And fix the CTA. And solve our crime problem. And no one will be homeless. And everyone will have healthcare. And a job. And a puppy. And free ice cream. With a cherries on top. And we will all be one big happy family living in Daleytopia (still with parking tickets).

And it won't cost us a thing (except we already bought the Michael Reese Hospital campus and are using TIF money to fix it up)!


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