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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Mayor Daley the Surveillance Creep is creeping further into your lives: Camera Surveillance Plan Rouses Privacy Concerns
A $23 million proposal to place more than 3,000 cameras around public-housing developments has alarmed privacy advocates and raised questions over the effectiveness of surveillance systems.

"There isn't really any sort of public dialogue, ever, about how much is enough or what's effective," says Ed Yohnka, spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois. "There's no real, definitive evidence that any of this is effective. There are just pronouncements that it is."

Yohnka and other civil-liberties advocates have acknowledged that people should not expect privacy in public places, but he questioned the extent of formal talks between officials and residents, and called the number of cameras in the authority's plan "extraordinary."

"You could literally have police staring into people's homes, and places of work, and into their cars," he says. "These systems are, sort of, fraught with that possibility given their power and their reach."

Existing cameras in Chicago can tilt, zoom and alert dispatchers of suspicious activity.

No more cops, just more cameras. Next, Daley will start ticketing people for everything he sees with the cameras: littering, jaywalking, speeding, loitering, leaving your dog's shit on the sidewalk, etc. If you fail to pay these tickets, Daley will place some sort of Denver Boot-like device on your body, leaving you immobile until you pay your fines. He is commissioning scientists as we speak to develop the technology. He wants to be first in line for the name - The Daley Boot.

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  1. The boot... now Daley wants the booted applied after just 3 tickets.... Does this A-hole realize people are struggling now? If you can't afford to pay you're mortgage or lost your job or can't afford to adequately feed your family?.........Are you going to have the money to pay your boot fee?

    Where is the compassion here during a difficult economic time?