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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Remember that Homero Tristan fellow? Well, he quit.

Human Resources Commissioner Homero Tristan vehemently denied that he tried to cover himself by lying to investigators when asked why he had failed to report an aldermen for attempting to clout a Health Department employee out of a job transfer that would have taken the employee far from home.

But, Tristan said he cannot continue to fight the “reckless” charges levelled by Inspector General David Hoffman and still ask Hoffman to sign off on his department’s performance.

“I’m resigning because I believe I’ve become a bit of a distraction,” Tristan said today.

“The inspector general’s report is grossly erroneous and questionable in its legality. My primary responsibility is to clear my name and reputation and defend the integrity of the Department of Human Resources under my leadership. I can’t do them both simultaneously.”

Man, all it takes is one little Inspector General report and this guy goes running.

And here, we have countless federal investigations and all sorts of scandals and shady dealings surrounding the mayor, but Daley just won't go away. Dude's like a cockroach.

I'm still waiting for someone to step on him. Patrick Fitzgerald?

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