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Sunday, June 28, 2009


More headaches for Daley from the city's Inspector General: Chicago Inspector General Wants Daley to fire HR Commissioner
Mayor Richard Daley’s personnel chief allegedly lied during an investigation of City Hall hiring abuses and should be fired, the city’s inspector general recommended today.

Homero Tristan should lose his job as commissioner of the Department of Human Resources because he tried to cover himself when inspectors asked why he failed to report an alderman trying to exert clout for a city worker from his ward.

Tristan, hand-picked by Daley a year ago, has been repeatedly criticized since then, including by a federal court monitor who said Tristan’s department has failed to follow basic rules to keep city hiring free of politics.

In his report today, Inspector General David Hoffman said Tristan violated a federal court order governing city hiring by not reporting the incident with the alderman and “made matters worse” once an internal investigation began.

So not only is this Daley-picked employee overseeing violations of the federal Shakman decree, but he is also a liar. Sound familiar?

Being the great leader that he is, Mayor Daley had nothing but praise for this Homero Tristan fellow.
Daley called Tristan "dedicated," a "family man" and a "good civil servant," and said he had not read Hoffman's report.
Kinda sounds like the mayor's defense of Robert Sorich. You know, Daley's federally convicted former patronage chief.

Although the sentence was lighter than it could have been, U.S. District Judge David Coar was sharply critical of Robert Sorich, saying Sorich sat at the top of a corrupt operation.

It’s corruption with a capital C,” Coar told Sorich. “There’s nothing good about what you did. I don’t give a hoot if this is going on for 200 years. It stinks. It stinks.”

Saints, every last one of them.

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