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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Following in the footsteps of former Cook County Board "President" Bobbie "Steal" Steele (and many others), a Daley insider will retire and collect two government pensions. The Sun-Times has the story:

By jumping through an early retirement window, Degnan got a lump-sum bonus of 10 percent of his annual city salary. He was also free to collect both a city pension and a CTA paycheck.

His May 31 retirement from the CTA means Degnan can now collect two local government pensions. His annual retirement check from the city amounts to roughly $92,208 or 80 percent of Degnan's highest city salary. After just seven years on the CTA job, he'll collect a $10,997-a-year CTA pension.

Civic Federation President Laurence Msall said Robert Degnan's double-pension is particularly galling at a time when under-funded city pensions threaten to saddle future generations of Chicagoans with a debt they cannot handle.

"It's a shining example of why the city's pension system -- and all other local government systems authorized by the General Assmbly -- need to be reformed and structured to what is economically reasonable for taxpayers, rather than insiders who are able to manipulate the system," Msall

I gotta say, as a taxpayer, I am very proud that I can offer up such a cushy retirement to a dedicated city worker. Nevermind saving for my own retirement. I'm just happy to help.

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