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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Some good news for anyone opposed to Daley's quest to get the 2016 Olympics in Chicago.

First, this post on the Tribune: IOC Official Downplays Chicago 2016 Selling Point

Gerhard Heiberg of Norway, one of the International Olympic Committee’s leading money men, seemed to minimize the impact of a Chicago selling point when he said Tuesday that sponsorship and marketing possibilities would not and should not affect the race for the 2016 Summer Games.

``I don’t think commercial aspects will play a great role here,’’ Heiberg said. ``I’m the IOC marketing director, and I’m not going to them (the four candidate cities) asking what kind of sponsorships we can get and what kind of TV deals we can get. I would like to keep commercial aspects out of the race as much as possible.’’


In an interview with the Tribune last week, Chicago 2016 CEO Patrick Ryan said he would cite commercial aspects during the presentation.

Even better is this Tribune article about No Games Chicago and their "No Games Chicago Book of Evidence for the International Olympic Committee."

Journalists from media outlets in Spain and Brazil helped No Games carry 50 copies of the book into the building, apparently unconcerned how that looked given that their countries have cities (Madrid and Rio de Janeiro) bidding against Chicago for the 2016 Summer Games.

IOC communications director Mark Adams told No Games delegate Tom Tresser that the IOC would accept the books, a compilation of reprinted news clippings. Adams then took Tresser aside for a private meeting.


Tresser said that IOC members would find Chicago's bid ``deficient'' once they saw the facts in the No Games book.

You may recognize Tom Tresser from a previous Mayor Daley Rant posted here at WTD. Glad to see he is keeping up the fight against our corrupt mayor. Hopefully the IOC reads the book and realizes exactly what we are dealing with here in Chicago: a tyrant mayor who stifles the democratic process, lines the pockets of his friends and family, hordes our property tax money in his TIF slush fund, sells off all of our city assets, and severely underestimates the cost of nearly every significant project in Chicago (Block 37, Millenium Park, Olympics) - all at the expense of the hardworking taxpayers of our great city. You don't need the Olympics to cement your legacy Mr. Mayor, you've done enough already.

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