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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


UPDATE: Daley nephew quits

Daleys in turmoil over nephew's deals: sources :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Politics
Sources said Robert Vanecko was told nearly two years ago that his uncle, Mayor Daley, wanted him to get out of a risky real estate venture involving city employee pension funds.

Another Daley nephew, Patrick Thompson, was given the same directive one week earlier -- and promptly dropped out as an attorney representing the Children's Museum at heated community meetings on the controversial Daley-backed plan to build a new Children's Museum in Grant Park.

But, unlike his cousin, Robert Vanecko ignored the mayor's advice.

Now, Vanecko is stuck. He would have trouble getting out of the pension fund deals even if he wanted to because of the collapse of the real estate market.

And the Daley family is stuck with a headline that won't quit and a federal investigation into how a start-up company co-owned by the mayor's nephew won $68 million in pension investments in the first place.


Sources said other family members have been trying for some time to convince Vanecko to dissolve his partnership with developer Allison Davis because of the perception that Daley family clout landed the deal.

Vanecko told them he was in the process of getting out, but it never happened, sources said.

Mayor Daley was described as livid and distraught about the controversy, but dead-set against touching off a bitter family feud by publicly criticizing Vanecko, the eldest of Richard J. Daley's 22 grandchildren.

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