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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Man, I am really enjoying the Sun-Times' coverage of Mayor Daley lately. Today, Fran Spielman offered up this great piece about how much of a liar Daley really is: Daley's Tale Hard to Take

If voters are having trouble swallowing the mayor's story, it's for good reason:

HISTORY: In 1991, then-City Treasurer Miriam Santos accused Daley's top political operatives of pressuring her to grease deals with politically-connected pension fund investors....The mayor tried to get even by persuading the Legislature to remove Santos from two pension fund boards, only to have then-Gov. Jim Edgar veto the bill.

FAMILY PENSION FUND TIES:If Daley had no interest in directing pension fund investments, why did he appoint John Briatta, John Daley's brother-in-law, as a trustee of the Municipal Employees Pension Fund during the 1990s?

OTHER PENSION BOARD MEMBERS: How could Daley not have known about his nephew's pension fund deal when members of the mayor's Cabinet sit on the boards that made the risky investment?

FAMILY FEEDING FRENZY:The mayor has allowed his brother Michael's law firm to corner the market on city zoning business. He's allowed his brother, John, to sell insurance to city contractors. William Daley Jr., another mayoral nephew, works for Morgan Stanley, the financial conglomerate whose infrastructure group leased Chicago's parking meters and downtown garages. If the mayor believes it's OK for some family members to cash in on city deals, why would he draw the line at Vanecko?

LEASE DEAL: If Daley truly believes that "perception is everything" -- and that the perception was "rules were broken and preferential treatment was given" to Vanecko -- why has the city paid nearly $500,000 in the last 15 months to lease space at a South Side industrial site owned by Vanecko and Davis, who bought the property with city pension money? Why was it a month-to-month arrangement that skirted the requirement for City Council approval of leases?

SAME NEPHEW: Robert Vanecko is the same Daley nephew who, along with the mayor's son Patrick, held a hidden ownership in a sewer cleaning company that won millions of dollars in no-bid contract extensions from City Hall.

SAME OLD SONG: Daley reads from the same script after every scandal -- whether it's Hired Truck, city hiring, minority contracting, Patrick Daley's sewer deal or the $1.25 million bailout loan from perennial city trucking contractor Michael Tadin that triggered the resignation of Ald. Patrick Huels (11th). Daley condemns the wrongdoing, denies he knew about it and cuts the offender off at the knees. The script is getting old.
Some very good questions from a City Hall reporter who has been around long enough to connect the dots. Like I said before, Daley is a liar. I don't care what he says, you better believe he knew all about this Vanecko city pension deal, just like he knows all about every other scandal he claims to know nothing about. Me, I'm sick and tired of all this lying. I'm even more sick of the Daley Crime Family getting their filthy hands all over OUR money. Enough is enough. Where the fuck are you Patrick Fitzgerald?

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