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Monday, June 22, 2009


Oh Rick Telander, I heart you. First this, and now this:

A Bidder Pill to Swallow: Mayor Daley and his pals want trust but don't deserve it
The most dangerous four words in the world are these: Trust me this time.

That's what you hear from Mayor Daley and his 2016 Olympic-bid cronies. Those four words.

Forget the incessant city scandals that Daley knows ''nuttin' about.'' Forget the Daley relatives and pals lined up ass-to-elbow, snorting at the money trough. Forget the lakefront airport torn up in the middle of the night, the neighborhoods where school kids have as good a chance of getting shot as going to a four-year college, the police department that has had its morale ripped up and beaten to a pulp.


But don't forget this: Mayor Daley, Pat Ryan and all the other rich guys in on the Chicago Olympics bid are saying, like a chorus of spring peepers in the Great Bog of Clout: Trust me this time.

Trust the carpetbaggers and money-grubbers and imbeciles and would-be Pharaohs. They will take your money, people.

They will.

They always do.

Our mayor is so crooked, he's getting hit in the sports pages. Wake up Chicago! Call your Alderman, protest, give money to No Games Chicago...DO SOMETHING! Or we will all pay for Daley's over-priced Olympic pipe dream. The evidence is there - O'hare, Millennium Park, Block 37 - all ridiculously over-budget. Just like Telander said. "They will take your money people. They will. They always do."

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