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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Huffington Post blogger Ray Hanania doesn't like this Vanecko city pension scandal either: Hypocrisy in Chicago Politics is Deafening

No law has been broken -- that we know of. But, it is genuinely unethical for the city pension funds to put $68 million in the Davis Vanecko firm, called, uncreatively, DV Urban Realty. Who needs to be creative when the City Hall-controlled pension, many of whose members are appointed by the mayor, dumps $68 million in money hard earned by city employees like the Chicago Police?

Defenders of the deal include, of course, Mayor Daley, who brushed off the probe into the deal with his usual jumble of mumbled words. And it was defended by celebrity pundit Paul Green, who on WTTW Channel 11 Tuesday night questioned why people were talking about the deal at all, slamming critics and asking repeatedly, "What is illegal?"

How about, "What is unethical?" Paul.

Green is an insider these days, hobnobbing with the political elite that manage candidates for offices like the U.S. Senate and shaking hands at luncheons where powerful speakers are invited, like Mayor Daley and his government colleagues.

The Chicago pension fund scandal reminds many of the days when the union pension funds would invest millions in casino operations in Las Vegas that were run not by politicians but by mobsters, although oftentimes it has been hard to distinguish between the two, especially in Chicago.

Here you go Mayor Daley and all you fine Chicago politicians out there. If you don't know, now you know:


Pronunciation: \ˈe-thiks\
Function: noun

1: the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation

2 a: a set of moral principles b: the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group c: a guiding philosophy d: a consciousness of moral importance

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

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