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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Reading Kass's Mayor Daley columns just never gets old. Today, he hits on the scandal involving city pension funds and Daley's nephew: Daley is ill, but not over nephew's deal
Is there anybody in the world dumb enough to believe Vanecko could get his hands on almost $70 million in city funds without Daley's approval?

"I don't know what people believe," Heard said. "I can only hope they understand that he is an uncle, a father, a husband, and that he has family issues. And, that he's a public figure who is held to different standards than most. He accepts that. It just comes with the territory when you're the mayor."

The argument, quite reasonable, goes like this: The mayor is an uncle like millions of other regular guys who can't be held responsible for their nephews, or friends.

But only one uncle is the boss of Cook County. And all Rich Daley had to do, when Vanecko was sniffing around city money, was to shake his head and whisper "no."

Then it never would have happened. Never.

For more laughs and gasps at the expense of our dear Mayor Daley, check out Kass's archive.

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