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Monday, June 29, 2009


That David Hoffman is at it again: City Watchdog Urges More Light on Chicago Olympic Bid

In calling for “much more transparency, much earlier in the process,” Hoffman referred to his recent report blasting Mayor Richard Daley’s handling of the city parking meter privatization. The City Council was given little time to analyze that controversial plan, which raised rates at 36,000 meters across Chicago.

“Whatever the motivation is for doing that at the last minute, the effect is to make opposition to that plan much more difficult,” Hoffman said. “There are hints of this same thing with what’s being discussed right now about the Olympics.”
Hoffman said the Olympics would be a good chance for Chicago to transform its abysmal reputation as a hotbed of public corruption. But 2016 also could cement that notoriety, he said.

“The question for us, I think, with regard to the Olympics, will be what will we be showcasing? Cost overruns? Clout? Corruption? Or a model to ensure that corruption does not creep in?”

Yes, that is the question. But I think we know the answer: cost overruns, clout, and corruption. It is the Daley Way. I mean, why else do Daley and all his cronies have such a boner for the Olympics in Chicago? You do know the Chicago 2016 motto is "Let Friendship Shine," right? And that is exactly what Daley and his friends are gonna do - they're gonna shine with all the Olympic coin pouring into their crony hands, while we lowly taxpayers foot the bill.

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