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Friday, June 19, 2009


Hahaha. Roland Burris. The name is enough to make me laugh, but then there's this gem from Wired: Burris' Shock Discovery: the Pentagon has Research Labs!
How lame of a Senator is Roland Burris, the hack brought in by Illinois’ indicted ex-governor to take Barack Obama’s seat? The guy has himself an appointment to the Armed Services Committee. Which means he oversees the Pentagon, in theory. But during last week’s proceedings of that committee, Burris seemed genuinely shocked to discover that the Defense Department devoted so much time and money to science and technology.

You’re saying that [the armed] services have their own research laboratories going?” he asked Zachary Lemnios, the administration’s nominee to be the Director of Defense Research and Engineering — the Pentagon’s geek-in-chief. Then he asked Lemnios — pronouncing his name “Leonis” — the follow-up question you’d expect from a son of the Chicago Machine: So does that mean you’re the guy in charge of all that research cash?

Oh Burris, you are truly an embarrassment.

Full transcript available by clicking on the article link above.

In other Burris news, he will NOT be facing perjury charges. I'm shocked- SHOCKED! - by this information. What a fine representative of the State of Illinois we have. We should all be very proud. Big thanks to Rod Blago. I can't wait till old Trailblazer Burris is replaced by someone better - like Lisa Madigan. Hahahaha.

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