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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


More on this Olympic insurance plan we've been hearing so much about. We get to hear a lot about it, but no one gets to see any details until Daley is ready: Chicago's 2016 Olympic Bid: Aldermen may not get details on city's revised bid for another two months
After Mayor Richard Daley triggered furious reactions last week by saying the city would take full financial responsibility for hosting a 2016 Summer Games, he promised to bring the details to the City Council for further discussion.

But the head of Chicago's bid team said Monday that information about the city's revised financial guarantees may not be disclosed for two months while additional insurance coverage is arranged.

"We can't go to the City Council today," bid team leader Patrick Ryan said at a press briefing Monday. "We'd look like dummies because we don't have it all complete."
Nah, the only ones that look like dummies are the Chicago citizens that continue to tolerate this shit. I've given up being outraged. Now I just laugh.

More over at Clout City: Deja vu all over again
So let’s recap: Behind closed doors the administration crafted a complicated ordinance that has a big impact on city life and the municipal budget, then presented it to aldermen for hasty approval. After little debate the aldermen complied. Some time later the full implications came to light, and aldermen became furious that they were blindsided. When pressed, the administration still didn't say exactly what it’s up to. Aldermen, facing unhappy voters in their wards, threatened to get angry and do something about it.
Just another day in Chicago I guess. I'm laughing a lot these days.

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