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Monday, June 29, 2009


Did you know that Daley's friends who own Millennium Park's Park Grill restaurant do not have to pay for water, gas or garbage collection? The Illinois Appellate Court has also affirmed that they do not have to pay property taxes either, getting them out of a $350,000 tax bill.
Park Grill’s ownership group includes Timothy Degnan, a political ally of Mayor Richard Daley, and Fred Barbara, a friend of the mayor, and Matthew O'Malley, the managing partner of Chicago Firehouse Restaurant, 1401 S. Michigan Ave., who had an affair with a Park District official before the agreement was signed.
Damn, I wish I was your friend Mayor Daley. Sadly, being the mere peasant that I am, I pay for all of these things - water, gas, garbage, and property taxes. Seriously, Dick, you should take me up on that date offer, I think we would totally hit it off. Then, maybe we could work one of these sweet deals for me.

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