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Monday, June 29, 2009


Looking for some light reading to do while you're basking in the sun this summer? Why not read the No Games Chicago Book of Evidence for the International Olympic Committee: Why Chicago Should NOT Be Awarded the 2016 Olympic Games. Or, as I like to call it, Little Richie Daley's Big Book of Corruption.

Here's how it starts:
Dear Members of the International Olympic Committee:

We are citizens from Chicago, Illinois who are opposed to our city hosting the 2016 Olympic games.

We see four major reasons why Chicago should not be awarded the Games.

(1) Lack of Finances. Our nation, state, county and city are broke and running massive deficits. There's no way to guarantee that we will have the many billions needed to complete the work needed. Chicago is famous for going way over budget on any large construction project it tackles.

(2) Lack of Competence. Our state, county and city are notoriously corrupt and populated with incompetent officials who line their pockets and make choices based not on effectiveness or the public good, but rather on how much money can be made by friends and family members. This directly translates into bloated construction projects that go massively over budget and suffer repeated delays. (Block 37 is a project that is 30 years old and still incomplete, Millennium Park was just four years late). Also, there are a number of very high-ranking corruption investigations under way and our former Governor faces trial in 2010. It's entirely possible that many of the Chicago officials the IOC has been working with may be under investigation.

(3) Lack of Infrastructure. Our city is falling to pieces around us. Our roads are pitted with potholes and our mass transit system is badly in need of repair and upgrading. Regrettably, there are no plans for improving it over the next few years and we seriously doubt whether it can do the job of moving the crowds that come with a summer Olympics.

(4) Lack of Public Support. Despite what you are being told, the people of Chicago DO NOT want the games. When people realize that they will be picking up the tab for the games, they oppose the bid by an overwhelming majority.

We have compiled a small collection of articles that document these concerns. We'd like to call your special attention to the April 2, 2009 column by Ben Joravasky, a prominent Chicago investigative reporter. His "Open Letter to the IOC" sums up our position.

We hope you will heed our wishes and grant the 2016 Olympics to another city.

No Games Chicago
You'll have to read the rest for yourself. Of course, if you have been paying attention, much of the book is old news to you. But hey, read the articles again anyway, just to remind yourself how much you love Dick Daley. And if you haven't been paying attention...I know, I know, the flowers!...They are SO beautiful. But there's more to a city than its beauty. Like its ugly crooked mayor, for instance. So remove your head from Daley's rear and listen up.

Hopefully, the IOC has taken some time away from their busy bribe-taking schedule to read these thoughtfully compiled 159 pages. I especially like how No Games Chicago included the "comments" section of that gem from Rick Telander. (Applause)

So again, Chicago citizens, International Olympic Committee members, curious onlookers, pay attention. Read. The. Book.

Or, you can just take Mayor Daley's word for it. But we all know he is a liar.

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