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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Mayor Daley is apparently aware that we all know how cushy those government jobs are. From the Sun-Times:
Referring to the furlough frenzy sweeping the public and private sectors, he said, “Everybody should do it. It’s incumbent on government because taxpayers pay for your salary, pension and health care. They pay a lot. ... They’re saying, ‘You don’t pay anything for your health care? I have to pay for your pension?’ People are really focussing on this — more so in government than anything else.”
And so, Daley is ordering all sorts of city employees to take unpaid days off. Just look at that bloated city payroll:

*1,440 CPS employees in the administrative and central office group will be required to take six unpaid holidays.

*312 CTA employees who are managers or above, and other employees who earn more than $90,000, will be required to take three unpaid holidays. Twenty-six vice presidents also will take three additional furlough days.

*14 top officials at City Colleges of Chicago will take three unpaid holidays and three furlough days and 369 City Colleges employees will forego raises.

*46 Chicago Park District managers making $90,000 or more will be required to take five unpaid holidays and three days when city government shuts down.

*84 CHA directors and above earning more than $90,000 will take six unpaid holidays.

*10 Public Building Commission senior staff members will take five unpaid holidays.

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  1. Furlough 25 of your Fabulous alderman at a cost of just $85,000 a piece and save......a whopping $2,125,000.00. ..And that doesnt include the staff or budgets....

    But Chicagoans are a stupid, apathetic bunch...they just sit back and take it. Where is the rage here with all Daley and his Fabulous Fifty are doing?