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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I thought I'd share this awesome post from the Chicago Daily Observer. Be sure the check out the whole post, because Don Rose (the author) definitely gets it - NO-lympics for Me:
It is clear, however, that the mayor and his business confederates are spending a lot of money as well as much political capital buying up the opposition...This is one of the reasons my agnosticism has morphed to antagonism. Daley Inc. just wants this thing too much, which is always a dangerous sign.


But what I see more and more is the old non-Olympic game of Chicago-style political scam. Daley and his business crowd are in this for more than civic glory. More like fun and profit at taxpayer expense, desecration of parklands and a stiff-arm to minority communities. (Most minority leadership, however, has been bought.)


Daley says the city’s financial commitment will be limited, but he won’t permit a City Council ordinance to cap the amount of tax money we taxpayers will have to cover. He’s been caught in several little fibs about exactly what long-term fiscal commitments he made to the International Olympic Committee.

Would it be too paranoid to suggest that Daley might have much more than personal grandeur at stake here?

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  1. With the final four cities, it was hilarious that Daley didn't get even the "bronze"! We can't afford to run a CTA, what made Daley think that we could afford the BILLIONS to do an Olympic freak show?