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Friday, August 21, 2009


When it comes to all the negative press - as well as one awesome lawsuit - for Mayor Daley recently, I definitely share the hopes of a blogger at Gapers Block. Countdown to 2011:
This is keeping something in the news and in people's minds, and assaulting the Mayor's reputation as the "CEO Mayor" who "gets things done".
To defeat Daley in 2011, we all have to start seeing the mayor for what he truly is. If Daley is the "CEO Mayor," then he is an executive much like the ones running Wall Street - a man concerned only with enriching himself and his cronies, no matter what the cost. For Wall Street, that cost is an economy in shambles. In Chicago, it's a broke and crumbling city.

Who knows, maybe this local business owner can give Daley a run for his money in the next mayoral election - Future Mayor Hopeful: "Wake Up Chicago":

A lot of people like to complain about the city's leadership. Few people take their message to the streets.

But Same Wolfson, owner of String-A-Strand bead shop in Lincoln Park, has started a political manifesto in the street windows of his shop.

Wolfson has officially announced his 2011 candidacy for mayor via handwritten signs hung in his store's windows. He uses the window space to ask citizens for write-in votes and to post his own political propaganda. Wolfson touches on subjects that are crucial to both the minds and wallets of Chicago citizens.

“Wake up Chicago. We can’t be that stupid to put these corrupt politicians back in office,” Wolfson said in one window sign. “Especially Daley and Stroger who sold the people of Chicago down the toilet selling the parking meters and raising the tax to the largest in the country.”

Though he probably doesn't have much of a chance in 2011, I must admit, Sam Wolfson does have some pretty awesome signs hanging in his storefront - or, as Chicagoist put it - The Best Storefront Manifesto You'll Read All Day.

We must vote every one out of office. These are some of the worst politicians in the country. No concern for the people of Chicago. Only for the money they can pocket. We must finally stand up and say "No More!"

Al Capone was a Piker compared to Mayor Daley and his band of crooks that run City Hall.


  1. Mr. Wolfson should be applauded for his brave honesty in the face of the daley machine....

    wolfson 2011 should be the cry from every corner...

    bring back honesty decency and integrity to the city of chicago or should i say bring honesty....

  2. Its time for a new mayor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anyone know whos running for mayor in 2011?

  4. Taxes are messing up business in Chicago not union! Your father was a friend to union. You're just another jerk looking to pin blame elsewhere while you spend tax money planting palm trees on Oak Street Beach. Many "union" people have been out of work in this city for years. While all your "non union" construction has gone on all over the city. Empty buildings with gardens growing in the middle of the street in front of them. And thank you for your parking fiasco. Nothing like hurting people in blue collar neighborhoods with lots of big apartment buildings and little to no parking to begin with. Hope you're enjoying all the money you're racking in towing and ticketing the poor and working class people of this city you son of a bitch!

  5. Fredrick K. White -
    A Mayor For All of Chicago
    2011- May 9, 2010

  6. Wanna run for Chicago's mayor in 2011? Let's get going. Time's running out. Don't be nickeled and 'quartered' again. Fredrick K. White announces for mayor in 2011. Go to ChicagoNLA2011 at:

  7. Joe Lake should run for mayor. He'd have my vote.

  8. My name is Lyndon Johnson and I want to replace our 39th ward alderman. I will put my name in the ballot for the 2011 municipal elections. Please join me to raise this awareness. I am on facebook!/profile.php?id=1657218857 copy and paste url for more info.